GST Registration - Documents and Information required

With the introduction of GST on 1st July 2017, every business is required to be registered under GST if the turnover crosses a certain prescribed limit (which is different for different states).
The basic exemption limit for GST registration is Rs.40 lakhs for goods and Rs.20 lakhs for services in most states except few states (mostly North Eastern States where the limit is Rs.20 lakhs for goods and Rs.10 lakhs for Services registration)
GST Registration is completely online and the whole process is to be done online by filling in the application at and uploading the documents in PDF/JPG form.
As per recent amendment, Aadhar OTP verification is must for GST registration without which the physical verification of business premises will be done by GST authorities before granting of registration.
What documents are required for GST registration is a key question for every person undergoing GST registration process.
In this article, we will look at various documents & information required for GST registration for different business constitutions.
After reading this, it will be clear as to what are the documents and information which are required before applying for the registration and hence you may keep them ready before filing the online application so that the process gets completed within few minutes.
Documents required for GST registration