Quarterly Return Monthly Payment Schme [QRMP] in GST

The Govt. has recently introduced a new scheme for registered GST small taxpayers i.e. with an annual turnover of less than Rs.5 Crore in the last financial year to file GSTR-3B return on a quarterly basis with a monthly payment of tax option w.e.f. 01st Jan. 2021.
The aggregate turnover will be calculated based on the returns filed during the previous financial year on the GST portal.

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Also if the aggregate turnover exceeds Rs.5 crore in any quarter, the scheme will not be eligible for the taxpayer from the next quarter.
The scheme can be exercised from the 1st day of the second month of last quarter till the last date of 1st month of the current quarter. For example, for the Jan. to March 2021 quarter, the scheme can be exercised from 1st Nov.2020 till 31st Jan.2021.
Also, the taxpayer must have filed the last return on the date of exercising such an option. i.e. if a taxpayer exercises this option on 25th Jan.2021, he should have filed the GSTR-3B of Dec.2020 which was due on 24th Jan.2021.
The option once exercised will continue till the taxpayer changes the option. i.e. he will not have to exercise this option every quarter.
This scheme is GSTIN wise and not PAN wise i.e. a registered person having different GSTIN can opt for this scheme for one GSTIN and continue to remain in the monthly scheme for other GSTIN.
The option can be changed by the registered person initially from 5th Dec.2020 to 31st Jan. 2021.

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Furnishing of Details of Outward Supplies [i.e. GSTR-1]

The registered taxpayer who has opted this scheme will also have to file the GSTR-1 i.e. details of outward supplies on a quarterly basis. However, there will be an option for the registered person to furnish the details of outward supplies made to the registered person (known as Invoice Furnishing Facility) between 1 to 13th of next month.
i.e. The invoices for the month of Jan.2021 can be uploaded between 1st to 13th Feb.2021.
so that the same can be available in GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B of the registered person.

Monthly Payment of Tax

The registered person under this scheme will have to pay the due tax on monthly basis in spite of the fact that GSTR-3B has to be filled in quarterly.
The tax payment has to be made in FORM GST PMT-06 by 25th of the next month for the first two months. i.e. For Jan.2021, the tax payment has to be made by 25th of Feb. and for Feb.2021, the tax payment has to be made by 25th of March.

There are two prescribed methods for paying the tax dues :

1. Fixed Sum Method :

Under this method, the registered person will have to pay tax @ 35% of the total tax paid in cash during the last quarter (if the return was filed quarterly) or equal to the tax paid in cash for the last month (if the return was filed monthly).

2. Self Assessment Method :

Under this method, the taxpayer can self assess his liability and pay the due tax after considering his output and input supplies for the month. The auto drafted facility in Form GSTR-2B will be available on the portal.
The GSTR-3B will have to be furnished for the quarter by 22nd or 24th of the next month after the end of the quarter i.e. for Jan. to March,2021 quarter, the GSTR-3B has to be furnished by 22nd or 24th of April. The tax liability ascertained for the quarter has to be paid and the tax already paid for Jan. and Feb. will be adjusted in this return and the balance will either has to be paid or refund can be claimed for excess paid if any.
Whether Interest will have to be paid for delay in payment of Tax :
  1. 1.
    When registered person makes payment of tax under Fixed sum method :
In this case, no interest will be charged if the balance tax is paid along with furnishing of Form GSTR-3B for the quarter even if the liability for first or second month is more than the actual tax paid.
However if there is delay in furnishing of return in GSTR-3B for the quarter, then interest will have to be paid from the due date till the date of payment of tax.
2. When registered person makes payment of tax under self assessment method : In this case, interest will have to be paid if the net liability is more for the particular month in the same way as per provisions of section 50 of CGST Act.
The late fee will be applicable in delay in filing Form GSTR-3B for the quarter and there will be no late fee for delay in payment of tax.

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